Chiara Boschis

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The Boschis family has since 1968 owned the wine house  Giacomo Borgogno , which has been producing wine since 1761, and has been one of the most historically important houses in all of Piemonte. Chiaras brother, Giorgio, has operated Borgogno while Chiara was given the opportunity to take over the operation of Azienda Agricola E. Pira & Figli in 1990. Sebastian Pira’s son, Enrico, died tragically in an accident in 1980 and since the family had no other who could take over the operation, the farm was sold to the Boschis family. But not until they had agreed to keep the company name, E. Pira & Figli on the labels. With the acquisition of the farm, Chiara became the first female wine maker in Barolo. Her first year, 1990, turned out to be very good and it gave her a great start to her career.

Chiara Boschis har i dag 9 hektar vinmarker lokalisert i Barolo (Cannubi / Liste / Terlo), Monforte (Mosconi, Le Coste, Ravera) – Serralunga d’Alba (Gabutti, Baudana). Chiara produserer 6 forskjellige viner; Barolo Cannubi, Barolo Mosconi, Barolo Via Nuova, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba Superiore and Dolcetto. Totalt produserer de rundt 35 000 flasker årlig.

In spring, there are the first signs of life in the fields, but in the evening a small larva ( cutworm ) is also coming forward to rub the buds on the vines. In order that these reptiles do not destroy too much, Chiara wears a headlamp and goes out at night to remove them.

The storage room was completely renovated in 2010 and built bomb proof and shockproof with plastic around the walls so that the bottles / wines are not subjected to shaking from the many trucks that thunder past outside. In 2010, the new underground bottle storage room under the garage was also completed, which means that they now have room to set aside more of their production.

I was lucky to have bought a bottle of their legendary 2010 vintage by Barolo Cannubi. Here at home, all bottles of this wine were sold on 1-2-3 when it came to market. It is also interesting that the wine costs the same on the farm as it costs at the Vinmonopolet home here!

– from the 2014 vintage, production is 100% organic certified
– only 3 permanent workers work, Chiara, the brother Giorgio and Nicoline
– Cannubi is stored in 2000 liters of French oak barrels, Mosconi and Via Nuova are stored at barriques
oenologist Georgio Rivetti at  La Spinetta  in Barbaresco

Chiara’s wines are particularly transparent and delicious. The soil in the Cannubi soil consists of a high proportion of lime and clay / mergel mix, which gives a delicate, acidic and red-fruited expression. The grapes are rejected 100%. Fermentation and massaging takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks of a maximum of 30-32ºC and gradually also lower for about two weeks with regular overpumping of the must, primarily to enhance the extraction of flavors. Then the wine is transferred to new French oak barrels for a 24-month stay. The bottles are stored further for one year in a bottle before sale.

Barolo Cannubi 2012 The top
wine from Chiara. Single-mark wine from the Cannubi fields of Barolo. The wine is of course very young yet, quite fresh, floral, spicy and fruity with a good tannin bite, but also with good weight in underlying fruit. Extremely long and complex output of the flavors. Needs time to evolve, but is surprisingly available at the same time.

Barolo Mosconi 2012
Monforte single-mark wine. Especially fresh with good fruity flavors of red berries, cherry and mint. Knowable tannins, good length of flavors. A young wine who likes to stay for 3-5 years.

Barolo Via Nuova 2012
Mixed wine with grapes from 6 different vineyards. A simpler wine that is quite fresh and with a good tannin bite, some perfumed flavors, fresh and good wine.

Chiaras wines at Vinmonopolet

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